A virtual office that works like a real one – but it costs much, much less!

What is an office? In certain cases it is an effective place of work but in other cases it is a simple representative place, a service Centre for the handling of your phone call and of your correspondence. This is the case of our Virtual office service, the economical, yet highly effective solution. With a very minimum cost, for the necessary period, you can have at your disposal a modular range of services that you can activate in the moment of need, availing yourself also of the many and different services offered by Polaris Business Centre such as secretary services, meeting rooms and temporary offices.

Our standard Virtual office package include:

  • A prestigious business address in the historical part of Milan
  • A brass plate with the Company name in the building hall
  • Receiving post
  • Receiving and sending of faxes
  • A dedicated phone number
  • Professional telephone answering and message handling provided by multilingual personnel
  • The forwarding and handling of your e-mails.

Locating your business at this address will also allow you to customise your business cards, letterheads, advertising brochures and your website.

An office as described above, that support you in your today’s work, costs less than you think – contact us and find out click here!

Click here to download the detailed service card!

Virtual Office