High level experienced staff to support you, just when you need it.

Handling of exceptional workloads, management and commercial tasks to be entrusted to trained personnel, as well as all secretarial works, so necessary to the startup companies, and all this only paying for the actual use of the service, without incurring heavy fixed costs related to personnel.
The service covers both basic tasks, but also high level services that we are the only ones able to provide, such as, but not only, the management of sales agents, the issuing of offers, the processing of orders and invoicing, also the international ones, interface with accountants and fiscal consultants and payroll companies

By using Polaris Secretarial team you will have a wide range of services, to be selected and used according to your specific needs.

Basic Secretary, for fundamental services:
  • Handling of domestic and foreign phone calls and correspondence
  • Typing text and reports, in Italian, English; French and Spanish
  • Creation and check of mailing list both for domestic and foreign markets
  • Telephone recall services
High level Secretary, beside the basic services, any other kind of high level assistance
such as but not only:
  • Managing of your personal appointments including travel arrangements, on a shared dedicated space, protected by password and accessible in real time
  • Arranging travel and hotel reservations
  • Taking care of domestic and international correspondence
  • Preparing business offers and periodical reports
  • Handling of Purchase Orders , Invoicing and shipping
  • Simple, sworn, and legalized translations
  • Organizing your participation to Trade Exhibitions as participant or visitor.
Should you require a totally personalized commitment, our range of service also include:
  • Promotion and Advertising, including Marketing and Public Relations activities
  • Organization of Conventions and Corporate events
  • Study of the Company logo
  • Design of office lay out and furnishing

The Secretary Service can be an initial help or a temporary support to handle workloads in the most flexible way, or even a constant solution to your organization. And you pay only for what you take advantage of!

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Secretary Services